The Tisova Fire Test 2015

Czech Republic

The test starts in

Project description

With the aim of helping people the project is increasing levels of safety. This project improves fire safety engineering solutions by testing structures response in the event of a fire and subsequent verifying and evaluating mathematical models for software simulations.

This event is organized in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh, BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and Challenging RISK United Kingdom, Swedish SP, The Fire Brigade of Karlovy Vary,Faculty of Safety Engineering, VSB-TU Ostrava, “TMV SS” spol. s r.o. and Majaczech.

The fire test is scheduled on the 30. January 2015!

The amazing partners are:

The place of the event

The building has three floors. Originally, it was a briquetting plant. Since an explosive risk was found, it has not been a briquetting plant any more. This happened just after an operation started. The usage of the building had been changing through years. For this reason, there are various structures inside the building. And this fact is very important and interesting for fire engineers in order to test structural fire dynamic.

Fire Experiment

This experiment is focused on the structural behaviour in the event of a fire, which will be monitored and assessed then, fire behaviour and much more.

The Tisova Project results will help to describe fire behaviour, improve concept fire protection and safety codes for building.

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